Pre-primary Classes

Our vision is to create a fair opportunity for the children to tap into the things of the Holy Spirit. A school where the Word of the Lord becomes the standard of life and where God is truly honored in every way.

Grade RRRR

Ages 3 years

Grade RRR

Ages 4 years

Grade RR

Ages 5 years

Grade R

Ages 6 years

Curriculum Overview


Our age 3 – 5 year children use the Step-by-step for tiny tots curriculum, this curriculum consist of the following six early learning developmental areas:

Learning Path for Grade RRRR - R

This curriculum consist of the following:

Perfectly complements the ABC’s with Ace and Christi (Learning-to-read) programme.

Enables the child to develop the skills, master the concepts and achieve the level of physical development necessary for success in reading and learning.

Lays a solid foundation on which to build the rest of a child’s education.

Includes animal stories and song lyrics for each alphabetic sound.

  1. Math
  2. English
  3. Science
  4. Social Studies
  5. Word Building

Worship, Bible and prayer:

Every term four new worship songs are picked and taught to the children. During worship the children learn to dance to movements, dance with flags, stand, sit or lie in the Lord’s Presence allowing them to connect with the Holy Spirit and experience a deeper form of worship. During worship sessions a practical Bible story is always told so kids can grasp how to relate to the story being told and implement this teaching in every day life.  Our prayers take place in big groups, sometimes in smaller groups or just friends sitting together praying for each other. During prayer we teach children how to minister, share our heart with Jesus and stand in faith with a friend. Communion is used with great excitement; Divine Elite children understand the power of the symbol of Jesus’ blood and His body.


Music is mainly done inside every group’s classroom; a set of different actions, rhymes and songs are learned. Every teacher prepares these lessons according to the needs of the specific age group, music sessions are repeated twice a week, depending on the program. Different instruments are used during music. (Our future vision would be to have a music studio where formal and fun music lessons can be done individually as well as in groups with a professional music teacher).


Our nature surrounded atmosphere is perfect for this extra school activity. Various lessons are learned during gardening activities. Children learn how to live off the land, and understand every phase of food production. The children love hands on and practical teaching.


Baking for smaller children is done in groups with an easy step by step program, where the class teacher leads and the children follow instructions with the help of others as well as assistant teachers.

“New edition to 2021” Grade 1 and older group children will have the privilege to bake as a smaller group in the big kitchen, here they will have the opportunity to learn the start from finish as well as all the ABC’s to baking and make all sorts of treats themselves.

Life skills:

The life skill program was established in 2021 and new to Divine Elite School. This program was written to give guidance and direction to the children, educating them in various activities for example: good manners, hygiene, stranger danger, good and bad secrets, table manners ect. This program changes every term, and various activities based on season is taught.


Physical training is done in group sessions once a week, activities are fun and goal orientated to the children’s age groups. Activities that we focus on are as follows: cardiovascular fitness, gross motor development for example – running, hopping, skipping, galloping, balance, rhythm, spatial orientation, eye-hand coordination, foot-eye coordination. These activities are very important and leads to future spelling, reading, writing and math.

We have many ways for you to become involved and help us build this school of life!

Divine Elite School promises to change a generation through a Christ-focused teaching approach, offering a real-life learning environment implemented through world-class education.