Teamwork makes the dream work
Sport and extra mural activities

Sport is a wonderful way for children to develop natural fitness, challenge themselves to meet new heights and learn how to work together as a team.

Since the start of covid sport has been a challenge to manage according to government regulation and rules. Divine Elite school will focus on a variety of sports with a combined approach between group and individual interventions. With our upcoming mini-Astro many various forms of physical exercise will be possible during and after school hours. The mini-Astro project and ground work has already started. We stand in faith for a little more funding (by sponsorship) to help push us over the finish line.


We are working at developing our own Sports Academy which will include a wide range of sports, including team sports.

Rugby and Soccer Skills Development

Currently our boys participate in the Rugby development. Soccer is provided to both boys and girls weekly and both are hosted at the school. These fees are excluded in the school fees and parents pay a separate quarterly fee to participate.

Doret Bonthuys Art

Doret provides weekly art lessons to our learners in school hours, which include annual exhibitions at the year end function and graduation. This is an extra mural activity and is excluded in the school fees.


Experi-Buddies is an educational, extra-mural programme that uses experiments to show young children that the world of science can be fun. This is done by means of interactive projects, exciting demonstrations and basic experiments.

Parent involvement

Divine Elite is a family school, promoting all parents to be involved in various areas where they feel they can be a blessing. Parents who love sport and would like to use the opportunity to coach must please contact the principal.

Baking and Gardening

Divine Elite include extra additional activities such as baking and gardening during the school day. We believe in developing a wide range of skills and exposing our learners to activities that encourage nurturing and creativity.

RiNico Computers

RiNico computerkids academy believe that each child is an individual with their own qualities and uniqueness. For these specific reasons, it is important for us to create a small educational environment that will maximize the educational benefits for each child in the class.

All the above are excluded in the school fees and are seen as extra circular activities.

We have many ways for you to become involved and help us build this school of life!

Divine Elite School promises to change a generation through a Christ-focused teaching approach, offering a real-life learning environment implemented through world-class education.